Book Reviews

Loving and Leaving: A Review of Melissa Febos’s Abandon Me
Brooklyn Magazine
, March 2016

Creepy Pasta and Michael Helm’s After James
Ploughshares, July 2016

Nonfiction & Essays

Stand with Standing Rock: Books that Honor Activism
Ploughshares, December 2016

Witches in Literature, or Bodies as Translators of Fear
Ploughshares, October 2016

The Art of the Twitter Essay
Ploughshares, September 2016

How I Survived Living Abroad in Florence
The Financial Diet, September 2016

6 LGBTQ Classics That Don’t Get Enough Love
Bustle, September 2016

Literary Meals & Cocktails for Summer,
Ploughsahres, September 2016

Divine Inspiration: Letting Dante Lead Me
Ploughshares, August 2016

The MFA as a Calling Card
Brevity, July 2016

Wonder What Kind of Wool He’s Made Of
Luna Luna, June 2016

Booze, Books, and Boys: Literary Friendships Throughout History
Ploughshares, June 2016

When Women Writers Become Nightmares
Ploughshares, May 2016

On Questioning Narrative Sequence
Ploughshares, April 2016

The Anti-Ekphrastic: Art Inspired By Text
Ploughshares, March 2016

The Place of Zines in Contemporary American Politics
Ploughshares, February 2016

Infinite Jest as Performance Art
Ploughshares, January 2016

Scandalous!, 2015

What Americans Still Don’t Understand About Net Neutrality
Highbrow Magazine, January 2015


Bret Anthony Johnston, Director of Creative Writing at Harvard 
Cambridge Writers’ Workshop, February 2016